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At Mi Casa South Florida, we understand that real estate isn’t simply about bricks and motor; it’s the gateway to fulfilling dreams and securing futures, each uniquely tailored to your lifestyle. Our unwavering commitment extends far beyond mere transactions; we are here to facilitate meaningful life transitions for two distinct demographics, both locally and internationally.

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Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera


A real estate agent consistently recognized by Keller-Williams as part of KW’s top-producing teams.

I’ve successfully guided more than 200 South Florida families in the selection and purchase of the homes of their dreams.

Backed by nearly a decade in luxury housing and real estate investments.

My business is built on results, including communication, transparency and dedication to clients and my industry.

Providing services to buyers, sellers and investors.

Sarai Morales

Sarai Morales


An experienced Real Estate Agent with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry.

Skilled in Sellers, Sales, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Marketing Strategy.

With my sharp knowledge of the local market, I’ve helped over 200 families in  Florida find their dream home.

Also, my business as a Productivity Coaching built on communication, dedication, and transparency has helped me rise to the Top Productivity Coaching Program of South Florida.

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Frank Cabrera

Director of operations and Realtor
Waterfront Property Florida

Jackie Vazquez

Transaction Manager
Team Mi casa south florida


Tech Assistant

Our bespoke services ensure a seamless, luxury experience from search to signature.

At Mi Casa South Florida, we’re committed to providing personalized real estate solutions that perfectly match the unique lifestyles and financial aspirations of our discerning clientele, both locally and internationally. Through tailored concierge services and rigorous rental screening, we turn property dreams into secure, meaningful investments in vibrant South Florida communities.

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Our Core Values

We value the uniqueness of each client, providing tailored experiences by selecting properties and investment opportunities that match their lifestyle and financial goals.

We uphold the highest ethical standards, offering transparent advice and rigorous rental screening to ensure the security and peace of mind of property owners.

With a diverse clientele from various countries, we prioritize cultural understanding, creating a welcoming environment for all clients to navigate the real estate market confidently.

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of South Florida’s residential areas, we educate our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions that fulfill immediate desires and long-term aspirations.

 We are dedicated to enhancing the communities we serve, focusing not only on property transactions but also on building meaningful relationships and contributing to the growth and prosperity of South Florida’s vibrant neighborhoods.

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