Raiding Miami’s Real Estate Treasure: A Pirate’s Guide to Investment

How many times have you heard to invest in Real Estate? How many times have they told you that it is the most stable investment you can make in your life? How many times have they offered you houses, apartments, buildings even, and the only reason they give you is that your future will be bright because of it?

Well, today I’m not here to offer you an investment property, nor to repeat those reasons to do so. Because you know it, because you want to do it, because someday you will.

Today I’m here to tell you how you should do it.

Investing in Real Estate in Miami is not a simple task. It’s not about finding a property you like and buying it; it’s about knowing if that property fits your investment plan and if you should really buy it. Because many times it’s not, and yet, many will push it on you in any way they can.

I recommend you read this while listening to the Auckland Symphony Orchestra’s version of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme.

Today we will be pirates, and we will venture into the rough waters of investment in Miami, where many enemy forces will try to stop, betray, or rob us.

To begin with, you should not be alone at any time. You need an experienced Lieutenant who will be by your side at all times and advise you when things get complicated; a Helmsman to take you, who is in charge of taking care of the boat so that you only have to give the orders. You will also need a Cartographer to tell you the best route for your navigation and, finally, Sailors prepared for both a storm and a battle on the open sea.

Let’s call your crew “MI CASA TEAM.”

Raiding Miami's Real Estate Treasure: A Pirate's Guide to Invest

It’s 7 in the morning, we are on land, and you’ve come up with a complicated journey: we’re going to buy a property in Miami and put it to work for you. But where do we start?

You call your Lieutenant, and he immediately gets excited about the idea. It’s brilliant; the crew will be happy with the result, but we must be careful; there are storms nearby.

The first thing the Cartographer does is give you the different routes we can take: Houses, apartments, townhouses, duplexes? Do you want short-term or long-term rentals? Maybe commercial properties? You think it over carefully and make your decision.

Then, the Cartographer must investigate. He will analyze which is the best route we should navigate: What areas might be the best to start the journey? Who lives there right now, what do they do for a living, what is the area’s economy like? This is essential to avoid ending up in a lagoon where the ship stops moving.

He will also analyze property trends. It’s important to know the real values of the properties we will attack, based on their short and long-term potential.

unnamed 10

Bingo! We have the route to follow.

But how will we finance this trip? The Cartographer will ask.

Your Lieutenant will have to help you with that. Do you have enough cash to make the investment in Miami, or will we need financing?

Perhaps this is the best solution since we will only need 20% of the total cost of the trip. You must decide, and the Lieutenant will take you to his trusted Lender to give you real help with the incentives that will benefit you in the long run.

After several days resting on your ship, you hear a voice from the cabin.

We have everything, Captain!

The Mi Casa Team crew has already done the initial work, and you give the order. It’s time to set sail.

The Helmsman sets the course, and we leave land behind. It’s time to face the ocean of properties.

unnamed 14

You navigate through many of these properties, evaluating the conditions with the Lieutenant, analyzing their potential and rental performance. You discard anything that isn’t the treasure, but after some time, you see an island with a huge X on it. There it is.

As you get closer, you see other ships heading to the island. You see much larger ships than yours, others, simple rowboats, but you see how your crew, seasoned from hundreds of other journeys, laughs as they head into battle. You’re not afraid and give another order.

Make the offer!

Offers start flying; some hit your ship, but it doesn’t matter. The entire crew jumps into action. Their experience ensures that the offer has the best conditions to win the battle and gain a stronghold on the transaction. You watch as ships around you sink one by one.

unnamed 17

The second-in-command approaches you, tired and battered, but gives you the news:

“The offer has been accepted”

But the journey to definitively securing the property in Miami is still complicated. Here is when your entire crew unites to achieve acquiring the treasure. This is when the Boatswain, also known as the transaction coordinator, takes charge of the situation.

Any necessary document will pass through her hands, and she will ensure that everyone involved in the transaction is in constant communication.

The Lieutenant will handle any necessary negotiations, your Lender will work tirelessly to move the money quickly, and you will simply give orders when needed.

You’re genuinely surprised by everyone’s effectiveness. You just watch with a smile on your face and, sooner than you expected, you touch land.

The property is yours.

unnamed 15

After the conquest, most of your sailors and helpers leave, and you are left alone with your Lieutenant and the ship’s Carpenter. You enjoy the moment at the property, the calm after the storm, but there’s still work to be done.

Your Lieutenant helps you make a future plan: Will you hold the property short or long-term? Will you fix it up and sell it, or will you make more investments in the future?

He brings you a table like this:

Cuadro Comparativo de Inversion

You think it all over carefully and analyze the information he gives you while the carpenter makes the necessary renovations and repairs.

Once the property is ready, marketing begins. They raise the flag that will attract tenants sailing around and from hundreds of miles away. Your property can be seen from anywhere: MLS, Google, Facebook, Zillow,, etc. Mi Casa Team has done it again, because dozens of ships start surrounding the island.

unnamed 16

It’s time to decide who will temporarily guard your treasure, and you review each potential tenant until you find the perfect person.

After that, you leave. Your Lieutenant will take care of everything from here. You only have to wait to see how the money comes in every month.

As you can see, investing in a property in Miami is an adventure, but if you really have the right team everything will be fine.

Make Mi Casa Team your crew.

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