Miami Downsizing with Mi Casa Team: 2 wonderful stories

Discover the transformative journey of Miami downsizing with Mi Casa Team. Miami is changing, witnessing a significant portion of its population retiring and seeking new horizons. At Mi Casa Team, we’re here to accompany those embracing this downsizing journey, offering expert assistance in property transition and home selling.

Recently, we’ve witnessed two fascinating cases that precisely reflect these aspirations. 

Grab a cup of coffee and let me share with you these inspiring stories.

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Starting with a retired couple who used to live in a spacious 4-bedroom house in a privileged location of the city.

As the years passed, their children left the nest, leaving them alone in that vast abode. Between too many stairs to climb, overwhelming memories, and endless cleaning, the time for downsizing had come.

Sometimes, taking the leap and realizing it’s time for change can be daunting. That’s why Saraí Morales remained in contact with them for six years, patiently awaiting the moment when they felt ready to take that step.

And one day, they made the call. It was time.

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Having owned their home for many years, they understandably felt like newcomers as the processes had evolved over time. We worked alongside them through lengthy meetings, carefully explaining what would constitute a fair price for their house and helping them make the downsizing easy. Eventually, we reached an agreement that left them thoroughly satisfied.

This delightful couple walked by our side through showings and held hands with us through the transaction. Concerns and doubts arose daily, but we were there, ready to listen and explain the process as many times as necessary.

The property was sold, and they, brimming with excitement, decided to embark on a trip to Europe to celebrate this significant change in their lives.

Upon their return, they are determined to begin their search for a smaller property that aligns with their evolving needs, and we will be there to help turn that desire into reality.

Now, let’s dive into the story of Marta, a lovely lady who resides far from her only son. 

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One morning, her son reached out to us after stumbling upon our information and reviews on Google and noticing the fantastic work we do in their area.

He sweetly requested that we connect with his dear mother to provide assistance in the process of selling her home.

The surprise and gratitude Marta felt upon seeing Luis Rivera arrive that same afternoon were palpable. She had tried to reach out to various agents, without anyone responding. She greatly appreciated the warm and professional treatment she received from Luis.

After a meeting with Marta, Luis spoke again with her son, who reiterated his gratitude for our responsibility and the commitment to ensuring his mother would be treated with the utmost care and respect.

Marta’s life wasn’t an easy path.

She was widowed when her son was still very young, but through effort, she managed to buy the house she loved so much in 2008. 

However, as time passed and her loved ones left, loneliness began to weigh on her.


Marta tried to fill that void by inviting her sister to live with her and renting a room to another person, but nothing seemed to be enough.

Luis took the necessary time to speak with the people who shared the property with Marta, explaining with kindness that the house would soon be for sale. Fortunately, everyone agreed and promised to leave before the property was sold.

However, as is the case with some real estate transactions, a setback occurred. Days before closing, the initial buyer had to withdraw due to personal issues that prevented them from obtaining the necessary loan.

Marta, who had already started getting rid of of many of their furniture in preparation for her next stage of life, found herself in a difficult situation.

But, after a heartfelt conversation with her and her son, we assured them that we would find a solution and get her back under contract as soon as possible.

And so it was.

In less than a week, the property had a new committed buyer! 

Although Marta’s son recommended she move out before closing, she decided to stay in her home until the last moment

On closing day, Marta signed the documents with a heavy heart but filled with gratitude towards Luis and our entire team for their tireless support.

In the end, she bid farewell to her home with nostalgia but with hope for a new beginning alongside her son. 

Miami Downsizing

These moments remind us that change is an inevitable part of life, regardless of age. 

At Mi Casa Team, we take pride in being part of these stories of transformation and helping our clients take the next step in their lives with confidence and security.

So, whether you’re looking for a new adventure, a change of scenery, or simply downsizing, we’re here to help you write the next chapter of your life!

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That seemed like the end of the email, right? 

Well, no, it was just the end of the emotional part to draw you here.

As I was saying at the beginning, Miami is changing, and that’s completely normal.

It’s possible that you, your parents, or people close to you are going through the same thing Marta went through, and believe me, even though it’s scary to face it, in the end there’s the same feeling: Happiness.

Personally, I believe that the feelings are the same but different from those of a first-time buyer, and that excites me because that’s where we truly feel that our profession helps people to be happier.

Like the first couple, you might not be ready right now; it might take 1, 2, or 6 years to take the leap, but believe me, it’s better to do it with a prepared Team to guide you for as long as necessary.

Anyway, here’s a link for you to see how much your property is worth; just take a look, and if you need anything, we’re here for you.

Our direct number is: 786-766-1777.

Now, I bid you farewell.

Warm regards,

P.S. Please let me know what you thought of this blogs. This will help us know if we are doing it right. Click here to reply.

Our stories are real, but names, addresses or images have been altered for the privacy of our clients.

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